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The Social Business Forum 2016 features a unique offer of visionary keynote speeches, success stories and discussion panels organized in a Free and Premium Conference.

The Free Conference includes the keynote speeches in the mornings of July 6th and 7th delivered by outstanding and internationally-known experts. All the keynote speeches will be simultaneously translated.

Participants in the Free Conference are invited to join the Open Lunch: lunch boxes will be offered during the lunch break.

The Premium Conference includes all of the contents of the Free Conference plus several case studies and success stories on leveraging the platform logic for business (presented in the afternoons of the same two days by leading company representatives). A practical way to highlight how innovative projects and disruptive initiatives have become indispensable and have created value through new collaborative business models, practices and technologies. Access to the Premium Conference will also imply another opportunity, the Premium Networking Lunch: a unique chance to dialogue and discuss with international keynote speakers updating and fostering your business network.

Participants in the Premium Conference will be granted access to the Premium Networking Lunches on both July 6th and 7th. The attendees will be able to exchange ideas, create connections, and ask the Conference speakers any questions of their interest. It’s an easy way to see a potential business network at a glance, and foster future collaborations.

The Agenda will be periodically updated as we confirm speakers and sessions.

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Day 1
06 Jul 2016
Day 2
07 Jul 2016
8:00 - 9:15


The Platfirm Age: the dawn of a new era

“Platforms are beginning to transform a range of other economic and social arenas, from health care and education to energy and government. No matter who you are or what you do for a living, it’s highly likely that platforms have already changed your life as an employee, a business leader, a professional, a consumer, or a citizen—and are poised to produce even greater changes in your daily life in the years to come” (from “Platform Revolution”)
Rosario Sica
Emanuele Scotti

Platform Revolution

Platforms are changing entire industries and creating entirely new markets. While platforms may look straightforward as technology, the ecosystems of adoption they enable and the interactions that ensue cannot be designed or managed by the rules of traditional business. Sangeet Paul Choudary, author of the international bestsellers Platform Revolution and Platform Scale, lays out a structured approach to designing platform firms, firms where value creation and governance models are structured to account for participating ecosystems. Illustrating factors from platforms that have now gained huge traction, this keynote lays out imperatives for the industrial firm in the age of platforms.
Sangeet Paul Choudary

Sap – Using SAP Hybris to enable Digital Transformation in a customer experience era

Over the last few years, a new species of consumers has emerged. They are digitally connected and have access to an incredible amount of data that enables them to make smart, informed decisions about the goods and services they want. In a digital world, customers expect brands to interact and engage with them in real time, in the moment, when it matters to them, in a relevant context and through a channel that is convenient for them. As customers have changed the rules of engagement, delivering a delightful experience is the new battlefield where companies compete today, leveraging digital innovations, and is key to re-humanize customer relationships. SAP Hybris examined all those trends and built a solution that truly focuses on helping clients deliver a consistent, contextual, and relevant experience, regardless of channel or device, and throughout the entire customer journey.
Eugenio Cassiano
11:00 - 11:30


IBM – Collaboration in the cognitive era

The speech will be about how work and collaboration platforms are evolving in the face of unprecedented change. As personal social networks become more ubiquitous, collaboration in the workplace is coming into its own. The ability to share information, find resources, work on projects, using social platforms makes life easier, faster and more productive and creates a more engaged workforce. See how your business can be more productive, respond to customers faster, and beat off competitive threats by allowing people to work together better.
Katrina Troughton

VODAFONE – Vodafone for a phygital world

Over the past two decades, we have come to recognize that powerful economic, social, and technological forces are transforming our world in ways that few people really understand. IOT, big data, the fusion between physical and digital environments, the focus on customer experience are revolutionizing how companies are organized and do business. Platform-oriented business is the new way to be successful in a phygital world.
Barbara Cominelli

SAS – Superior Customer Experiences are The Real Coin: relevance drives results

Day-to-day life of a consumer is busy and only when conversations with suppliers are relevant, people are willing to free up some of their valuable time to listen and act. Especially the omni-channels challenge is what companies are often trying to address but fail to overcome. During this session Rene will provide you insights on how organizations have been enabled to apply the context of a customer into real-time omni-channel interactions – interactions that increasingly move towards digital channels but need to be in sync and consistent with the traditional channels. Being able to use context, the conversations will become relevant; relevance in conversations will lead to measurable value.  
Rene van der Laan
13:00 - 14:30

Premium Networking Lunch

TNS – What Data don’t tell

We live in a connected world: every single action we take, every single move we have, every single chat we make, we deliver information and data to a server. People, companies, institutions are so full of data that they don’t even know where to start from. Moreover, analyzing all this mass of information is not that easy and the so called Big Data are changing the perimeters and the approach we need to have while analyzing data: we were used to analyze a small set of data, with a specific error prediction, with a standardized process… now everything has changed. We need to change too. But the spontaneous digital data don’t tell us everything: they don’t tell the why, they don’t tell how to surprise our consumers, they don’t tell how to engage with silent information, they don’t tell about the potential unexpressed by behaviors. This is why we need to integrate, mix, mash data coming from different perspectives, different sources, different collection methods. With this potpourri of data and methods on hands, we can approach all the areas in which data may support. We will see some cases  in the areas of innovation, brand building and reputation, where integration of social data and surveys offers new strategic perspectives and insights, without stereotypes.
Federico Capeci

re(act) – a platform for the #rarevolution

The using of digital platforms can have a significant impact on the way rare diseases are diagnosed, studied, and treated, helping people with rare diseases connect to others worldwide. The RE(ACT) Community is human network born to share information and boost research about rare and orphan diseases. It has put at the heart of the #RAREvolution program the use of digital communication to empower the community of researchers working on rare diseases and to support them in connecting, learning and funding their projects as well as increasing awareness and advocacy for rare disease research.
Olivier Menzel

sketchin – Design for the corporate transformation

This session will delve into the emerging role of design as a game changer for big corporations in the challenge of business transformation and competition with the startups world. Through a few examples, I will show how new design discipline such as service and strategic design can help even big corporations evolve their organization, empower the human experience and embrace the nimbleness and fast paced innovation practices typical of the startup ecosystem.
Luca Mascaro

marketing arena – B2B Platform Marketing Strategy and Inbound Marketing

The speech will be focused on several case studies with a special deep dive on Inbound Marketing and Platform marketing strategies (Banca IFIS and SAS). The goal of the speech is to investigate how these strategies can help to reach brand awareness and lead generation thanks to digital marketing actions focused on the B2B market. The audience will learn about the best techniques to get engagement from the customers in the Platform Era.
Giorgio Soffiato

Unicredit – natural born advocates

In our companies there are hundreds of colleagues who spontaneously like, create and positively share content related to our life at work. UniCredit decided to spot those “natural born advocates” and involve them in a dedicated Employee Advocacy Program. In the presentation UniCredit will share: how they co-designed the program with the relevant internal stakeholders;  how they select,  train, engage, support and acknowledge colleagues’ joining the project; how they provide content to the advocates and how the company empowers them to safely share it through their personal networks; what results they got in terms of communication impact, brand awareness and employee engagement; how they organized the program to create a company communication asset out of it.  
Patrizio Regis

SKILLAWARE -Using Skillaware to help workforces cross the Industry 4.0 Digital Skills Gap…without falling into IT!

At the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution, smart organizations need to transform their businesses and  processes to enter new international markets and opportunities adopting new digital platforms and processes. Those who will make such transition smoother and more effectively than others for their workforces and customers will lead new markets and conquer new positions. This presentation introduces how the convergence of new technological trends such as electronic performance support, learning analytics, robotic proces automation and cognitive technologies may  help organiations cross the digital disruption chasm  without falling into it, supporting and engaging their workforces  during the roll out of new IT systems and procedures. A practical case  is then introduced based on the new Skillaware platform version 3.0 adopted by the  leading automotive first tier supplier, Brembo brakes,  to heavily reduce the  time and cost  to generate multi language software documentation, training materials and robotic support agents  during the roll out of its new ERP and PLM solutions in its international organization.
Fabrizio Cardinali


How a digital platform can boost cooperation among sale forces, improving their on-field effectiveness? The answer is OpenBar, the Heineken Italia social collaboration platform, projected and developed for the B.U HoReCa in order to support the sales forces daily activities, making the information sharing easier, quicker and enjoyable. OpenBar is an example of how a mobile platform can be a strategic asset for a company, helping employees in being always up-to-date about the business roadmap and goals, making them protagonists.
Massimo Barboni

subito – From classified media to social classified network: goods’ values & people

The world of classified media has changed in the last years: from a business focused on the object to a business focused on people. It has become more relevant the understanding of which is the user base, which are its wishes and values. The Data insights are the key for a social classified network.
Melany Libraro

DOCUMENT future – When did you stop reading email? New ways of enterprise collaboration

Everybody knows phrases like “did you get my email”, “Can you send me the latest version of the document?”, “I cannot access that information right now!”, “my inbox is full!” and many more very well, and honestly, when did you stop following all your email threads? In private we have fun using WhatsApp, skype, SMS, social media streams like facebook, xing, linkedin and share data through dropbox, iCloud and so on. Nevertheless, in business, we are writing, answering and forwarding complex emails with questionable distribution lists and gigabytes of redundant attachments. Thomas Becker will give an insight, how Document Future AG faces the challenge of improving internal and external communications and document sharing using a collaborative purely cloud based infrastructure.
Thomas Becker

piaggio – Motorcycles, scooters and eBikes: from a moment of disconnection to a world of digital integration

How the relationship between people, vehicles and urban environment is rapidly changing: the Piaggio experience.
Davide Zanolini

Barilla – #BarillagoesDigital: The Digital Transformative Journey

Digital is now firmly part of every business. But even with technology being today an integral part of the organization and its strategy, it is people who will build the success in a world that continues to reinvent itself at an unprecedented rate. The Digital Transformation is all about people! #BarillagoesDigital is a journey that will transform Barilla into a fully Digital enterprise creating value for the Business and putting the Barilla people at the center of the transformation.
Giangaddo Prati


Design thinking, simplicity, high-image / low-text, mobile responsiveness: these are the cornerstones of good interaction design and the principles that have been used for redesigning the City of Venice web presence to put users’ needs first.  Single-sign-on digital services, news and social wall, e-commerce and all the info one may need to live and experience the city. There is no reason why e-gov web platforms should not be as simple and straight-forward as private sector sites are.   
Alessandra Poggiani


8:00 - 9:15


Hacking Marketing

Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in marketing software? If you could channel Dr. McCoy from Star Trek, would you find yourself blurting out in frustration, “Damn it, Jim, I’m a marketer not an IT architect!” You’re not alone. Marketing has been overrun by software, and it’s changing the dynamics of profession in ways that can seem foreign and uncomfortable. But, as software developers might say, “This is actually a feature, not a bug.” Software gives marketers a greatly expanded creative palette to design memorable customer experience masterpieces — and the leverage to reach a much broader and more engaged audience with them. The secret to success, however, is not in the technology itself — but rather adapting marketing management to this new software-powered environment. In this presentation, marketing technologist Scott Brinker, author of the new book Hacking Marketing, will show you how.  
Scott Brinker

CERTILOGO – Entrepreneurship in The Exponential Era

Platforms create value in a manner and to a degree that was unimaginable just 10 years ago. But they’re only one example of a new class of innovations, driven by technology, that offer today’s entrepreneurs the real-life equivalent of super powers. Exponential technologies like network computing systems and artificial intelligence are disrupting everything from how we fight the global scourge of counterfeiting to how we explore the universe. Entrepreneurs who harness these powers can do far more than good business: like superheroes, they can tackle the grandest challenges of our age.
Michele Casucci


In the first 10 years of our life, parents ​​teach us to stay with the others, to learn, to share and to develop our empathy. They teach us to use different art forms, to test ourselves with sport and to learn new rules. Our parents encourage us to achieve, to risk, to fight our fears, to overcome our character and emotional barriers. Then suddenly we find ourselves behind a desk, behind a mountain of books and, for the following 15 years, obsessed with the ability to express a performance and with the ability to respond to specific questions finding the right answers. We forget our manual skills and the ability to design the world around us. Then we enter into the work ecosystem with this experiences. Today to address the exponential dynamics of our times and to draw success, Corporates need to rely on skills, methods and tools inspired to those we use during the first 10 years of life when our instinct drove us to ask questions in a continuos way. This is the key to change the corporate culture, to achieve new goals and to face the new paradigms of business. Corporates through collective innovation processes and co-design tools need to start to find the new right questions in order to find the new answers. They can no longer rely on the same answers they have proposed over the last years.
Ivan Ortenzi
11:00 - 11:30


SANOFI – I-Nonni 2.0: When Digital Becomes Therapeutics

The speech focuses on digital innovation from the point of view of a pharmaceutical company: how technology can integrate the offer of drugs and therapeutic solutions for the healthcare and well-being of citizens. Last year the app I-nonni was presented as a Sanofi start-up project with the primary goal of connecting the older adults with relatives and health professionals, such as doctors and pharmacists, in an easy and effective way. This year the progress in the services offered will be presented, as well as a study proving the effectiveness of the digital fitness tool that we developed with the aim of training the cognitive abilities of older adults (and not only).
Marco Grespigna

Why Social Analytics are Different for the Enterprise

To date Social Analytics have been solely focussed on the consumer in a B2C context. The efforts have been led by marketers developing and sending brand content as social media into the consumer social channels of Facebook, twitter, Instagram and the like. With the rise of Enterprise Social Networking, enterprise social analytics approaches have simply been migrated from the consumer world and dominated by activity measures. By using online Yammer social networking data collected from over 20 enterprises worldwide, we show how these measures can work against Enterprise goals of collaboration, relationship building and Empowerment. Alternative measures centred on social cohesion provide the best indicator for Enterprise goal achievement.
Laurence Lock Lee

innovationcast – Growth through prolific innovation management

More often than not, the investment in innovation fails to deliver the promised results. Everyone starts off excited. But after a while, we are all dressed up with nowhere to go. All paths up are different. Nevertheless, there’s a set of practices and principles that allow you to navigate through uncertainty faster in order to create value from ideas – starting today. In this session we will share with you how some of our forward-thinking customers are using innovation management to move their businesses forward.
Leonardo Varella-cid
13:00 - 14:30

Premium Networking Lunch

Round table – welcome to the platfirm age

Chairman: Enrico Sassoon Title: Giants, unicorns and zombies in a platform world
Fabio Troiani
Eugenio Sidoli
Marcello Albergoni
Valerio Camerano
Barbara Poggiali
Marco Giordani
Achille Onorato
Carlo Purassanta
Rosario Sica
Enrico Sassoon

SEA – sea towards the SOCIAL INTRANET

SEA, in the last years, has focused its attention in using – day by day more – advanced and digital-centric communication tools and models. The arrival point of this digital transformation process will be a new digital workplace that has an important goal: becoming a unique digital interface, made to support communication, cooperation, knowledge sharing and internal processes. SEA talks about tangible objectives that are the main guidelines and the concrete evolution of this up to date communication model.
Luciano Carbone

BANCA Mediolanum – IOE: Internet of Emotions

The financial services industry is evolving. New players are challenging the incumbents with an extraordinary variety of products and services as has never happened before. Financial industry’s players must adequate strategies, products portfolio and services delivered according to the new wave of emerging customers’ behaviors. Recent analysis where showing that something very new and unexpected should be taken in great consideration. Something very “human”. In a world of digital services, ancestral humans behavior demands a service revolution.
Demetrio Migliorati

axa italia – Born to protect: the storytelling and the storydoing of AXA Italy in the social ecosystem

The speech will concern on the evolution of ‘Born to Protect’, an international advertising campaign that has become an integrated project at local level, starting from being a storytelling and transforming itself into a storydoing. In fact, after the great success of the two previous editions, the hashtag #NatiPer has collected 328 innovative projects in 2016 and now it is ready to change its first aim, becoming a useful blog thought to support the Company’s positioning. The AXA Italy’s commitment for being a responsible company now is focused on new Generations. This goal can be achieved thanks to a storytelling that becomes a common thread that can help AXA Italy in joining several commitments: from the research financing for supporting startups, to the wide promotion of initiatives linked to art, culture and society. All these activities allowed AXA Italy in developing critical mass (storytelling) and a tangible social impact (storydoing), in harmony with the current social ecosystem.

BIP – Robotic Process Automation in Industry 4.0

After mechanization in 1790’s (first industrial revolution), mass production in 1900’s (second industrial revolution) and automated production in 1970’s (third industrial revolution), in the next five years we will see the rise of cyber-physical systems, the fourth industrial revolution. As part of the Industry 4.0, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will radically change both backend and frontend enterprises infrastructures and processes leading to significant cost reduction, production increase and higher customer satisfaction. Hardware and software robots will be designed to augment human workflow making it more efficient and effective. Core enabler of the whole fourth industry revolution will be analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence based on big data and IoT, all ready technologies now-a-days. After discussing some recent Bip’s case studies on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the speech will focus RPA opportunities in Industry 4.0.
andrea casati

opportunity network – The Networks Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

WEF’s Founder, Klaus Schwab, defined the Fourth Industrial Revolution as the transformation of humankind led by technological innovations in the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Where can we see most of its economic and social value being created today? Networks. In this context, the recent decision by Microsoft to buy LinkedIn is a strategic choice made to have a voice amongst the Facebooks, given the fact that economic value and competitive advantage is now generated by networks. Opportunity Network is an invitation-only business connectivity platform that partners with banks to allow their top clients to seize business deals above $1M. The platform facilitates global connections. No middlemen are present; all members are decision makers. ON members can post and find Trade and M&A related opportunities. Opportunity Network currently has over 30k committed members from 78 countries and has hosted over $30 bn of deal flow.
Enrica Sighinolfi

COMUNE DI MILANO – Citizen relationship management at Comune di Milano

Today you can measure the impact of the public digital identity introduction on the relationship management with citizens. Recently introduced at the Comune di Milano, the digital identity SPID offers, with new features and possibilities, accessibility to public services offering. In the last three years the Comune di Milano redesigned the process of citizen relationship management to offer new services and application. The new system leverage new positive perspective as well as challenges and potential risks.
Stefano Garancini

Conference concludes: closing remarks and vote of thanks